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Madison, New York

Madison Store

Our story

This team creates a feast for the senses in an environment where expert customer service and culinary excellence reign. Each department is a panoply of color and abundance that's meant to be touched, smelled and tasted. Our managers are experts in their fields, intelligently editing from a vast array of products to offer the very finest. Each manager works directly with the artisan producers, the farmers, the cattle raisers, the fishermen, the truffle hunters. If you have a question, you know whom to ask.

Convenience doesn't equal compromise here. Take home a dinner that satisfies your cravings for artfully prepared foods, using the freshest and finest ingredients available. Pack a picnic that reflects the seasons. Our prepared food counter is a celebration of the diversity of products made available to us in New York, and of the enlightened palates of our customers. Our recipes, from Seared Yellowfin Tuna with a Mango Chutney to Mini-Meatloaves to Roasted Carrots and Fennel, strike a balance between intrigue and comfort. Our chefs bring to DEAN & DELUCA an expert talent for cooking with international ingredients. Take home an entire meal, or pick up an exciting side dish for the Argentinean beef you're planning on grilling, or a bowl of soup to complete the meal you're making out of fresh mozzarella and focaccia.

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